People With These Names Are The ‘Clumsiest’ & ‘Most Accident-Prone’ In The US

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Lawsuit loan-funding service Uplift Legal Funding has released new data filled with names of people who might be more susceptible to accidents in the US.

The findings, which were released on its website, list the top 10 names of men and women who are found to be the “clumsiest” and “most accident-prone.”

Topping the list of male names is Kyle, followed by Blake, Ryan and Daniel, according to the data. Also in the mix are Mark, Bob, Samuel, William and James.

For females, the loan-finding service said Hailey is deemed to be the “clumsiest” name. Taylor falls in second place, while Linda, Barbara and Kimberly come in third through fifth.

To compile the data, the company said it reviewed cases that “involved the claimant encountering an incident causing personal injuries, such as slips, trips and falls in the workplace and at home or in a public setting.”

The company also found that women are 37-percent more likely to get injured by falling over, as opposed to men. Males, however, have a 23-percent likelihood to have an accident at home than anywhere else.

[via Today, cover image via Shutterstock]

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