Old Books Are Returning To Bestseller Shelves, Thanks To TikTok

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#BookTok’, a tag propelled by bibliophiles on TikTok to share their favorite reads and bond over emotionally-wrecking plots and endings, has been so influential, it is making bestsellers out of novels years after they went into publication.

Barnes and Noble even has a whole NBC News.

Because TikTok runs on a unique, user-based algorithm, people who are already interested in books and have engaged with content relating to the subject are shown more of it on the dramatic decrease in reading as a hobby, but this may just pave the way for a renaissance yet to come.

What's our new favorite source for book recommendations? TikTok, natch! Check out our collection of #BookTok's buzziest titles: https://t.co/d1GYHYoqrw pic.twitter.com/gzyoWD2Gtd

— Penguin Random House 🐧🏠📚 (@penguinrandom) May 31, 2021

It's actually been hopping on and off the Indie Bestseller list for the past few months, I just found out late about the last couple weeks because publishing was closed for the holidays. Haha. Sales started surging in the summer because of TikTok. Absolute heroes over there!

— ADAM Updates (@AdamSilvera) January 5, 2021

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