Odd ‘Hands-Free Bubble Tea Challenge’ Stirs Up A Storm With Endowed Chests

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Probably the thirstiest internet fad thus far is the bizarre ‘Hands-Free Bubble Tea Challenge’, which literally leverages breasts.

The social media dare involves bubble tea cups being carried—not with drinkers’ hands, but their chests. It seems to have been inspired by an artwork from manga artist Kiseki Himura, which depicts a woman checking her phone with her hand while sipping from a cup rested on her bosom.

The meme is believed to have debuted this month, but is already taking Japan by storm. One Twitter user’s clip, for instance, has accumulated nearly 19,000 retweets and 49,000 likes since time of publish.

Incidentally, “boba” is slang for large breasts or large-chested woman in Chinese. It looks like things are truly coming full circle.

月曜日のたわわ その225 『手放しタピオカ』 pic.twitter.com/0znSChJpa3

— 比村奇石@C96月曜西れ-20 (@Strangestone) June 10, 2019


1位 食べ過ぎてお腹出てもバレない
2位 たまに抜群に似合う服がある
3位 カフェラテ飲みながらパソコン打てる

です。 pic.twitter.com/TF0FXzCOS0

— Hカップな広告マン-アリペイサン (@hcupadman) June 8, 2019

I'm busy with the game~https://t.co/BfN79Jn61B
❤️🧡💛💚💙💜#手放しタピオカ pic.twitter.com/QO16CpWptJ

— iamMhuay (@iamMhuayGG) June 15, 2019

#手放しタピオカ pic.twitter.com/9KWCAu1P8T

— เหวอ (@EupBQrYtYKkWe9N) June 13, 2019

できてる…? pic.twitter.com/1Y7xWjbvBc

— 🐬水月桃子💎 (@mizuki___momoko) June 12, 2019

わいか〜!!!でもタピオカじゃない #手放しタピオカ pic.twitter.com/HiN4QSlYhh

— 夏目まどか (@maaysk1220) June 10, 2019

今週末に水着を着るので水着チェック‼️なんかスポーツウェアみたいで微妙かな?これ. . .#手放しタピオカ #タピオカ教団 pic.twitter.com/dtkqDdL6KZ

— クロエリ💜黒澤恵里💜 (@kurosawaeri) June 11, 2019

I didn’t have boba #手放しタピオカ pic.twitter.com/rIFRimmOmt

— Naomi Moon @AnimeExpo (@NaomiMoonZ) June 17, 2019

[via Sankaku Complex, images via various sources] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/405115/Odd-Hands-Free-Bubble-Tea-Challenge-Stirs-Up-A-Storm-With-Endowed-Chests/

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