Netflix Removing Fan-Favorite Series ‘Friends’ Is First Disappointment Of 2020

Friends fans were disappointed after Netflix cancelled the fan-favorite show from its streaming service.

Netflix first announced to fans that the sitcom would be leaving on 1 January 2020 back in July last year. Before, Netflix had paid US$100 million to stream the sitcom on its platform for the whole of 2019. However, Warner decided to move it to HBO Max.

The removal of the show has outraged Netflix users, who have demanded to keep it on the service, or they would cancel their Netflix subscriptions.

“Please don’t take Friends off your list. Because I will cancel my account,” one fan threatened on Twitter. “They’re taking friends off Netflix so I might as well just cancel it and get Disney+,” another Twitter user wrote.

If you’re living outside of the US, fret it, it appears that the series is still available elsewhere in the world.

View some frustrated and sad responses from fans below.

@netflix please dont take friends off of your tv show list. Because i will cancel my account

— Victor (@OfficialMikVick) December 2, 2019

They’re taking friends off Netflix so I might as well just cancel it and get Disney+

— whit 🦋☀️🌼 (@wisewhitney_) December 2, 2019

How I feel about Friends being taken off Netflix at midnight.

— Devynn Helwig (@DevynnElyse) December 31, 2019

First disappointment of 2020?

Friends wont be on Netflix anymore :/

— Katy Miller 🎃 (@katemil23) January 1, 2020

friends being removed from netflix

— kin (@heyitskianah) January 1, 2020

I’m over 2020 already. They ripped #Friends right off of #Netflix mid episode and this is the rudest way to start the new year

— Dee Zayed (@DeeZayed) January 1, 2020

when i wake up and go to netflix and friends isn’t the first thing on my continue watching

— sky💋 (@xotopaz) January 1, 2020

Wait, the freaking UK gets to watch #Friends on @netflix until MAY, but the US loses it TOMORROW?! That’s seriously my last straw. #cancelnetflix

— JB4 (@grayskymornin) December 31, 2019

[via Metro, opening image via IMDb]

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