Mattel Announces 3,283-Piece Tesla Cybertruck Model With Broken Windows

Image via Mattel Creations

Mattel is rolling out a Cybertruck even before Tesla does. While the mini-me attempts to appear as authentic as the original, hopefully, the real deal won’t sport the same “bulletproof” glass windows that Elon Musk ended up shattering with a steel ball at the pickup truck’s unveiling.

The toymaker’s MEGA Tesla Cybertruck lets you step into the shoes of a Tesla designer for a bit. It’s buildable with 3,283 parts, and it’s impressively detailed with an adjustable suspension, a foldable tailgate, and a tonneau cover. It also bears a similar interior consisting of a tablet computer, a GPS system, and even a Tesla-branded water bottle.

Image via Mattel Creations

If you don’t have a garage for a Cybertruck, you’d be pleased to know that this wee car can park safely in small spaces, measuring just 19.7 inches in length, 7.5 inches in width, and 6.7 inches in height. However, if you’re unsure where it might fit in your home, you can even ​​test-drive this model in AR before committing to paying US$250 for it.

Image via Mattel Creations

The MEGA Tesla Cybertruck will be available for preorder at 9am ET. Find out more here.

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[via Tesmanian, images via Mattel Creations]

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