Logitech Creates Wireless Earbuds That Uses Light To Mold Perfectly To Your Ears

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Image via Logitech, Business Wire


Shopping for earbuds is a tricky process. Since all ear shapes are unique, finding the perfect fit can take a lot of trial and error. 


Logitech, however, has claimed to have created actual one-size-fits-all audio buds that mold to your ears. 


The Logitech G Fits have a special gel tip in place of the usual protective earbud cover. Once you place it in, simply press a button, and a glow will appear to examine your ears before hardening the gel into the perfect shape. The magic behind this is a patented ‘Lightform’ technology.


In addition to a more comfortable fit, by imitating the formation of your ear, the G Fits will provide “best-in-class passive sound isolation” by physically blocking external sound from entering. 


Also, another common issue gamers face with wireless gaming earpieces is that they often slow down the audio to match the video speed. As such, there’s usually a lag in using such devices. 


To mitigate this lag, the gadget maker deploys ‘Lightspeed’ capability to provide wire-like performances. The buds use a USB-A—a USB-A to USB-C will be provided in the box—which gamers will plug into their devices and act as a receiver. 


In terms of battery life, the G Fits can run for 10 hours on a single charge, and its case can go up to 12 hours. 


As for sound quality, the company describes it as “full, warm and detailed sound with deep punchy bass.”


If all sounds good, you can snag a pair come late October on Logitech’s website at a suggested retail price of $229.  






[via NextPit and 9to5Google, cover image via Logitech, Business Wire]


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