Lexus Gets Gamers To Design Car, It’s So Epic It Comes With Lasers & Fog Machine

Image via Lexus

Lexus is putting gamers in the driver’s seat with its latest Gamers’ IS concept.

Based on a standard Lexus IS 350 F Sport, the concept vehicle is designed by and for the Twitch community, per Lexus. The exterior of the car has been covered in an ‘Infiltrate’ vinyl wrap inspired by first-person gaming, specifically shooters. The interior of the car is designed in ‘Neon Tokyo,’ inspired by Japanese pop art.

The car features a custom-built gaming PC, a high-definition curved monitor and a platform that comes complete with a retractable keyboard and mouse, as well as a bespoke 3D printed game controller.

Its ceiling has a layer of acrylic embedded with ‘raindrops’ and is backlit by programmable RGB lights. LED Panels are also placed behind the rear seats, and they project an animated backdrop on the rear windows. The Smart Tint incorporated in the car windows automatically dims the cabin to create proper gaming lighting.

For “maximum reveal effect”, the vehicle even packs its own fog machine and automated RGB lasers.

According to Lexus, “from designing the initial concepts to the reveal, the entire build took five months”, involving 20 members from structural engineers to custom upholsterers.

The latest partnership between Lexus and Twitch is part of the former’s All In campaign, where it explores various passions and bringing ideas to life.

Image via Lexus

Image via Lexus

Image via Lexus

Image via Lexus

[via CNET, cover image via Lexus]

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