KitKat Reminds Collectors To ‘Have A Break’ With DIY Model Kits

Image via KitKat

KitKat keeps reminding fans to “have a break,” but it’s easy to forget to do so. In hopes of spreading its message to everyone, the company chose the small community of model makers and rewarded them with surprise breaks.

The chocolate brand teamed up with digital agency Wunderman Thompson UK and model kit manufacturer Airfix to create The KitKat Kit, an update to Airfix’s ‘Supermarine Spitfire’.

The special plastic kit comes with a KitKat bar attached on a 3D-printed plastic “sprue.” KitKat’s iconic “Have a Break” slogan is also built into the DIY set.

A sweet touch is the “break” placed within the instruction booklet that interrupts hobbyists’ process to remind them to enjoy themselves.

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Introducing the KITKAT KIT! 🛫

We teamed up with @Airfix to give a break to some of the most dedicated hobbyists in the world 🌎🍫#kitkat #airfix

— KITKAT (@KITKAT) September 18, 2019

[via Little Black Book, images via KitKat]

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