KFC Invites McDonald’s & Burger King Employees To Secretly Test Its New Burger

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KFC Spain has introduced a new burger, La Infame, that it claims even its competitors wouldn’t be able to resist.

The new offering is a burger that replaces bread with its popular fried chicken. KFC Spain has come up with a campaign, Blackdoors, that will give people a reason to talk about.

The fast-food chain is inviting all employees from competing restaurants—McDonald’s, Burger King, Domino’s—to visit its backdoors on 27 February to try the La Infame free of charge.

In the accompanying campaign video made together with creative agency PS21, Colonel Sanders makes an appearance and sits at a table to eat the burger. He is surrounded by employees of fast-food rivals à la The Last Supper, who confess that they cannot resist trying the latest offering.

To ensure that fast-food staffers get to enjoy the new burger without being seen, KFC is inviting them to its backdoors on the aforementioned date.

KFC has also set up a hotline where employees of its competitors can learn more about the campaign. Simply dial 900 711 117, and a simple verification test will be carried out. Once their employment status is confirmed, they will discover more details on where to enjoy the new burger by visiting kfc.es/competenciainfame. They will find 11 different locations that will deliver the burger for free in Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Valencia, Seville, Malaga, and Murcia, to name a few.

“KFC always expressed that everyone should be able to try its products,” said Yerai Gomez, creative director of PS21 for KFC Spain. “So, extending an invitation to our competitor’s colleagues is a way to communicate that thought while we have a good time.”

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