‘Keanu Reeves’ Gets Sighted By MAGA Fans, But Everyone Else Knows That’s Not Him

Image via DFree / Shutterstock.com

“Keanu Reeves” made his appearance at the Maryland Bike Show, and graciously accepted a selfie request by a MAGA enthusiast—at least, that’s what a circle of Trump campaigners thought.

Photos of a man draped in the Confederate flag posing next to a male character with long black hair and a piercing gaze have gone viral. While sharers of the images have identified the familiar-looking guy as Hollywood icon Keanu Reeves, other internet users were quick to argue—that’s not Keanu Reeves.

“Maryland Bike Show this past weekend with Keanu,” the uploader wrote. “Apparently he restores antique bikes and is a Trump supporter!”

Fellow enthusiasts were evidently reeling with excitement. “I didn’t know Keanu Reeves is a Trump supporter,” one wrote. “Nothing like having Neo, John Wick on our side! Thanks Keanu.”

“Keanu Reeves is a Trump supporter,” another described. “I can go on with my day now!”

Keanu believe your eyes? Hairstyle and clothing choice aside, other internet users knew right away that the man was an impostor. Naturally, the memes ensued.

While fans have accurately spotted Reeves in public and even in a history textbook, this wasn’t one of those lucky occurrences.

Lol pic.twitter.com/QX5hwBi80C

— Mids Cleo (@ogrods) February 15, 2020

And we thought Rob Lowe with cable was bad…. pic.twitter.com/DWDPVpCwNw

— Wallace Ritchie (@WallaceRitchie) February 15, 2020

Mom can we get Keanu Reeves?

Mom: We have Keanu Reeves at home

The Keanu Reeves at home: pic.twitter.com/vUGXCdsaqI

— Jessie Roman (@FroyoBaggins) February 16, 2020

That's actually Keanu's evil counterpart WaKeanu.

— Zach (@Zachrid) February 15, 2020

That’s not him, you’ve captured his stunt double!

— Quasar Funk (@FunkQuasar) February 15, 2020

[via The Daily Dot, images via various sources] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/408655/Keanu-Reeves-Gets-Sighted-By-MAGA-Fans-But-Everyone-Else-Knows-That-s-Not-Him/

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