Jill Biden’s Iconic Knee-High Boots Walk The Talk In Her Support For Husband

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Dr Jill Biden put her best foot forward outside the state building in Wilmington, Delaware, turning the public appearance with her husband and US presidential elect, Joe Biden, into a fashion statement.

On Tuesday, Dr Biden retained photographers’ attention with her knee-high Stuart Weitzman boots that bore the bold one-word message, “VOTE,” in large overlapping letters.

CNN White House correspondent Kate Bennett, who shared photos of the couple from the moment on Twitter, reported that the footwear was made for the masses and wasn’t specially designed for Dr Biden.

The unique soft leather ‘5050 Vote Boot’ is a new and limited-edition take on Stuart Weitzman’s famous 5050 design in show of support for the I Am A Voter nonpartisan initiative. Customers could purchase the boots in either silver on black or full black for US$695, with 100 percent of net profits dedicated to the nonprofit.

When explaining the concept for the boots, Edmundo Castillo, the brand’s Head of Design, said he was moved by the typographical treatment on the back of the footwear.

“I love the way the letters that spell ‘VOTE’ are intertwined—it symbolizes how everyone of us can make a difference,” the designer detailed.

Unfortunately, Stuart Weitzman revealed that only 100 pairs of the boots have been produced, so the design has naturally sold out by now.

They are limited edition @StuartWeitzman “5050” boots, available for $695. https://t.co/N68n2LbgWX pic.twitter.com/Ssq950Zixu

— Kate Bennett (@KateBennett_DC) September 14, 2020

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[via InStyle, images via various sources] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/411529/Jill-Biden-s-Iconic-Knee-High-Boots-Walk-The-Talk-In-Her-Support-For-Husband/

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