Is Apple Creating A New ‘Designed By Apple In California’ Logo?

Image via Mazur Travel /

Is Apple secretly changing one of its logos?

Patently Apple spotted a new patent application filed by Apple that reveals an overhauled ‘Designed by Apple in California’ logo.

The current branding isn’t really a literal logo, but a text-based symbol that reads “Designed by Apple in California.”

The new emblem sees a stylized ‘A’, which resembles the current App Store logo, with an added hammer in the foreground.

Apple’s primary symbol isn’t going anywhere, though, and only time will tell where the proposed imagery might appear. According to Creative Bloq, the symbol may appear in the digital realm due to its similarity with the App Store wordmark instead of the back of the next iPhone.

[via Creative Bloq, cover image via Mazur Travel /]

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