Internet Archive Preserves Nostalgic Flash Animations As Adobe Kills Support

Screenshot via The Internet Archive

Adobe has plans to revoke support for Flash by the end of this year, and the Internet Archive has stepped in to save creative content compatible with the plugin.

The organization has created a new collection for internet users to experience the animations and iconic games via its built-in emulator called Ruffle.

Since the platform’s launch, the Internet Archive and other users have loaded over 1,000 content on the website. Some of the notable ones include the classic ‘Loituma Girl‘ and ‘Badger’.

The Internet Archive noted that not every Flash animation or game will work in the emulator, but a good range of content will appear much like how they did back then.

It is also key for your web browser to support WebAssembly to enjoy the collection, which is not much of a problem since the format runs on all modern web browsers.

News FLASH: (couldn't resist)
A growing number of flash animations are now in @InternetArchive, running in emulation.

— Internet Archive (@internetarchive) November 19, 2020

[via Engadget, cover image via The Internet Archive]

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