I’m Lovin It: McDonald’s Remasters Jingle In Sign Language For Hearing-Impaired

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Image ID 116711867 © via Svetoslav Sokolov | Dreamstime.com


Though McDonald’s I’m Lovin It is one of the most recognizable commercial jingles worldwide, some people have never heard the famed tune.


And instead of leaving them out, the fast food chain has decided to release a brand-new iteration of the track that they, too, can enjoy.


To commemorate the International Week of the Deaf, McDonald’s has teamed up with Finnish rapper Signmark to create a music video for its jingle that it hopes will be just as catchy for customers with hearing impairments.


In the latest spot, titled Togetherness Starts With Understanding, the artist can be seen signing the on-screen lyrics instead of singing them as usual, highlighting the difficulties those hard of hearing face in everyday life.


According to The Drum, the spot will be broadcast on TV channels, websites and social media, encouraging inclusivity to make deaf staff and customers feel more welcomed at the Golden Arches.


Curious how to signal ‘padappappappaa’? Hit the play button below.





[via The Drum and Ad Age, cover image via Svetoslav Sokolov | Dreamstime.com]


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