Google’s Pixel 4a Gets Leaked In Shop And Even Has A Hands-On Video Review

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Google is infamous for not safekeeping its upcoming smartphones from the public eye. The company doesn’t leave fans very surprised during Pixel events, because the phones’ designs and specifications get leaked months in advance.

And now, it looks like there’s not much else to say at the next Google Pixel event, as someone has managed to get their hands on the yet-to-be-released Pixel 4a, even producing an entire hands-on review to help you decide—way ahead—whether to purchase the model or not.

Cuban YouTube channel TecnoLike Plus spotted the model at a local mobile shop, and contacted the outlet for more details.

Google’s not going to like this, but the shop promptly sent the channel videos and full specs for the anticipated Pixel 4a.

The video below, which is in Spanish, shows the device with a coded alias and a fake logo on its rear, indicating that it is just a prototype. However, TNW believes the iteration to be “near-final.”

The prototype is shown with a purple wallpaper, which could mean that Google Pixel 4a will be available in purple. It also “feels like metal” to the reviewer, though it is made with plastic.

It seems that alike the Pixel 4, the 4a will come with a fingerprint sensor and a single back-facing camera. However, this version is seen with a hole-punch camera at the front, which Google hasn’t introduced yet.

The reviewer expressed that the smartphone’s camera has a “very good quality.”

Notable specs expected to arrive in the Google Pixel 4a include a Snapdragon 730 processor, a 5.81-inch display with 1080-by-2340 resolution, 6GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, a hole-punch 8MP front camera, a 3,080 mAh battery, a 60Hz refresh rate, Dual-SIM support, a fingerprint reader, and even a headphone jack. Whether or not there’s an XL version remains to be known.

[via TNW, video via TecnoLike Plus, cover image via IrinaKobrina /]

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