Google Launches COVID-19 Help Site To Keep You Informed From A To Z

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Google has launched an extensive website on the novel coronavirus, which aims to help internet users stay informed about COVID-19 while providing them the necessary tools and resources to keep up during this uncertain time.

From health information to safety and prevention tips, the site enables users to disregard fake news while up-keeping measures to prevent the spread of the virus. It also includes data and insights based on searches, and offers maps to see where the virus is currently prevalent.

The site also includes links to official bodies such as the World Health Organization and the respective public health departments from various states. Those practicing self-isolation and are working from home can browse through its ideas on living and coping well amid the crisis.

You can also take part in coronavirus relief efforts or read more about the contagion on Google’s blog. The site is presently directed to US-based visitors, but more content and languages are scheduled for rollout to the rest of the world.

Google’s efforts to fight COVID-19 are in line with Apple’s update to Siri that screens users for the virus.

Do these five simple things to help stop coronavirus (COVID-19).

1️⃣ HANDS: Wash them often
2️⃣ ELBOW: Cough into it
3️⃣ FACE: Don’t touch it
4️⃣ FEET: Stay more than 3ft (1m) apart
5️⃣ FEEL: Sick? Stay home

*General public health information*

— Google (@Google) March 14, 2020

[via The Next Web, cover image via Google]

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