Glassdoor Shares 2021’s Best Companies To Work At, Based On Employee Happiness

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The pandemic has pushed companies to overhaul their policies and processes, but some have adapted, are still thriving, and are keeping employees’ morales high regardless.

Due to sudden changes in the corporate scape, Glassdoor’s rankings for the best places to work might look a little different this year. Workers in 2021 have commended companies not only for their ability to embrace diversity and inclusivity, but have also applauded employers for enforcing flexible COVID-19 response plans.

The job review site has compiled two lists of companies whose employees have felt most rewarded working in. The first is the 100 Best Places to Work ranking, which exclusively features companies with 1,000 or more workers. The second is its 50 Best Small and Medium Companies for places with fewer employees.

The lineups are based on the feedback of 13 million reviewers, and the spots are allocated based on a five-point scale ranking.

Check below for some of the most attractive places to work in the US this year.

Top 10 large companies (1,000 or more employees)

1. Bain & Company


3. In-N-Out Burger

4. HubSpot

5. McKinsey & Company

6. Google

7. Delta Air Lines

8. lululemon

9. Microsoft

10. H E B

Top 10 small and medium companies (fewer than 1,000 employees)

1. Life.Church

2. Crew Carwash

3. Ike

4. Pariveda Solutions

5. Malouf

6. Harness

7. MLM Home Improvement

8. Lendio

9. Jobot

10. Lower

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