Funko And Warner Brothers Are Turning DC Comic Covers Into NFTs

Image via Funko, Business Wire


Pop culture toy maker Funko is banding together with Warner Brothers Consumer Products and DC Comics as it dives deeper into the non-fungible tokens (NFT) sphere. The brands will work with Walmart to bring physical and digital merchandise to stores. 


To kick off the partnership, Funko will issue a physical version of a ‘Pop!’ remake of DC’s The Brave and the Bold comic book cover. And as it is an NFT venture, the cover will be turned into a token that can be redeemed online. 


The collectible is ‘Digital Pop!’ minted, and can be connected with the owner’s crypto wallet on the World Asset eXchange blockchain (WAX). This network supports over 60 million NFTs and 30,000 dapps. 


The Brave and the Bold is an ongoing series that began in the 50s, which often gathers multiple DC characters together to fight evil. 


Inspired by the series’ issue #28 (1959) comic book cover, superheroes Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash, Green Lantern, and Martian Manhunter were reimagined in Funko’s signature ‘Pop!’ styles. In addition, the original artwork serves as a backdrop to the figurines. 


Its digital twin brings the heroes to life as the characters unite to battle Starro the Conqueror. 



Just last year, DC made its NFT debut when it handed out free comic book digital tokens at its FanDome event. 


The new release will be officially unveiled on October 7 at the Walmart Collector Con and limited to just 30,000 units.



[via Media Post and CoinDesk, cover image via Funko, Business Wire]

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