Free-To-Download ‘UX Challenges’ Game Cards Based On Real-World Scenarios

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If you’ve had your fair share of card games and television shows, and are ready for a touch of reality, here’s a deck of cards to work those brain cells and refine your thinking as a designer.

Designers Jordan Bowman and Taylor Palmer of education platform UX Tools have created ‘UX Challenges’ cards aimed to cultivate crucial user experience skills. The deck is built on a firm belief that UX design isn’t just theory-based but should be practiced too.

Unlike several “fantasy” UI/UX design exercises you’ve seen online, the cards are based on real-world scenarios. “This isn’t another… ‘create an ATM for a centaur,’ every exercise looks like a project you’d get in real life,” Bowman explained. Expect, instead, to find prompts like creating an entire user flow for a grocery delivery app and walking through three user interviews for a note-taking app.

While design exercises tend to focus on user interface (UI), these challenges are crafted to help professionals sharpen skills such as usability testing or card sorting.

When you’ve completed a challenge, you can even use the same deliverables in your portfolio or bring them up in pitches or interviews.

Download the ‘UX Challenges’ cards for free here.

Just for fun, we're making collector's cards for each of our UX challenges (with a summary of the challenge on the back).

We've put a lot of thought and work into these challenges. Here are the content and goals 👇 (1/6)

— UX Tools (@uxtoolsco) March 24, 2021

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[via UX Tools]

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