Fluffy Barstool Suddenly Gets X-Rated Purpose After Image Goes Viral Online

Image via Aldi

A photo of a peculiar item from discount supermarket Aldi has left many internet users in stitches.

The photo, which is believed to have been taken in the Special Buy aisle, shows a fluffy gray stool which looks like a simple ottoman. However, when you look at its supposed description, it appears to be meant for something much more scandalous—it reads: “Blow job stool.”

The photo has sparked hilarious comments online, with one internet user joking, “And cases of arthritis in the knees has dramatically dropped since Aldi brought out their blowjob stool.”

Aldi has responded to the image, stating that it is photoshopped and that there are no “blow job stools” in its stores. Instead, the item pictured is likely to be its Square Grey Short Faux Fur Stool.

When you go to Aldi for bread and milk and return with a 3 man tent, ukulele, .. and a blow job stool 😆 WTF

Posted by Drew Numpe – Brown on Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Image via Aldi

[via Yahoo Lifestyle, cover image via Aldi] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/411963/Fluffy-Barstool-Suddenly-Gets-X-Rated-Purpose-After-Image-Goes-Viral-Online/

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