Film Shot With iPhone Wins Turner Prize, Earns Praise From Apple CEO Tim Cook

Nowadays, smartphone cameras are equipped with advanced technologies that result in amazing photo quality that allows you to shoot an entire movie on it.

Artist Charlotte Prodger did just that, as she filmed an entire movie titled Bridgit using the iPhone. While shooting a clip on a smartphone is impressive enough, Prodger’s efforts were recognized which led her to winning the prestigious 2018 Turner Prize in Britain. Prodger is awarded £25,000 (US$31,769) of prize money and is honored to win it.

Prodger told The Guardian she shot the whole film using an iPhone due to its ease of use and effectiveness of bringing it around while travelling as “everything is in there.” Apple CEO Tim Cook has also acknowledged her win and tweeted the news while congratulating her at the same time.

‘BRIDGIT — that’s showing in the Turner Prize — I shot all on my phone. It becomes very material, almost sculptural, this object; my phone’ – #TurnerPrize 2018 nominee Charlotte Prodger
Watch full film here:
Winner announced in December

— Tate (@Tate) November 3, 2018

Congratulations to Charlotte Prodger, winner of Britain’s prestigious Turner Prize. A first for a film shot on iPhone, and another milestone in the democratization of photography and filmmaking.

— Tim Cook (@tim_cook) December 5, 2018

[via PetaPixel, opening image via Apple]

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