Fashion Label Oh Polly Faces Wrath Over Tone-Deaf ‘Inclusive’ Instagram Account

Screenshot via Oh Polly

In an attempt to champion inclusivity, a fashion brand has ironically isolated its shoppers.

British online store Oh Polly has been criticized for creating a marketing gimmick under the guise of diversity acceptance by opening a secondary Instagram account for ethnic and plus-size women.

The account, ‘Oh Polly Inclusive’, has since been taken down. Screenshots of the page reveal that it had about 3,500 followers and prided itself as “ZERO% Tolerance, 100% INCLUSIVE.”

Shoppers found the idea to be a paradox, and wondered why pictures of minority females and plus-sized customers couldn’t be included in the brand’s official account of two million followers, which mainly showcases white, svelte women.

One notable comment was from YouTuber Alissa Ashley, who labeled the supposedly “inclusive” account as “segregation.”

“What makes these women not suitable for your main page?” Ashley tweeted.

“That defeats the point of [being] inclusive,” one user chimed in.

At first, Oh Polly justified in a tweet that it was “celebrating a wider range of people in our community,” but apologized after the negative attention snowballed.

A spokesperson for Oh Polly told BuzzFeed News that the company made a “serious error of judgment,” and “sincerely apologize[s]” for the oversight. In addition, it promised to “take full responsibility” for the decision.

Oh Polly also explained that it started ‘Oh Polly Inclusive’ so that customers could “discuss a wider range of issues,” and would continue to listen to shoppers due to its goal of improving diversity.

What in the segregation is this. What makes these women not suitable for your main page @ohpolly ? Ohpollyinclusive?? Who approved this?

— Alissa Ashley (@alissa_ashleyy) May 13, 2019

Hi @ohpolly this isnt a way of being 'inclusive' it's called segregation. Creating a whole new page to place black women is disgusting especially when the aesthetic of your main page is white women with dark tans. 😴. #poormarketing #ohpolly

— Christabel Chinouriri (@mschristabelc) May 14, 2019

oh polly making a separate Instagram to be “inclusive” and show black/curvy girls in their pieces like why could u not just include them in ur actual instagram page 🤣 trash

— james bowman (@jamesb0wman) May 14, 2019

Like imagine calling yourselves inclusive & not wanting to post women that don’t fit your “aesthetic” on your brand page lmao

— Alissa Ashley (@alissa_ashleyy) May 13, 2019

wait so OhPolly thought that creating a whole new insta called ‘Ohpollyinclusive’ is inclusive ??
they have literally ostracised everyone that isn’t skinny or white

— YT: nataleebfitness (@nataleeb14) May 13, 2019

— CocoaSwatches (@CocoaSwatches) May 13, 2019

that… defeats the point of inclusive….

— Prosciutto Hands Jim (@percocetgraves) May 13, 2019

The phrase “zero percent tolerance” literally means “we are not tolerant” which seems like the opposite of being inclusive?? What were they even trying to say?? I’m very confused???? Lmao

— RAVEN ELYSE (@RavenElyseTV) May 14, 2019

[via BuzzFeed News, images via various sources]

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