Do You Have The Rare Face Recognition Superpower? Find Out In This Tricky Test

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Before the coronavirus pandemic and mandatory face masks, people would see several faces in a day, but not everyone has the ability to remember them.

So, researcher Dr Josh P. Davis of the University of Greenwich has created a short and easy online test to check if you have the exceptional facial recognition ability.

Davis describes that people with this ability are “super-recognizers,” and make up less than one percent of the population.

The test will show you one face for a while and then present a photo line challenging you to identify the original face correctly. If you score above 10 out of 14, you might be one of the rare “super-recognizers” in the world. Try it out the test here.

Are you a super recogniser of faces? Do this test to find out | U Greenwich

— (@neurosocialself) October 26, 2016

[via My Modern Met, cover image via Shutterstock]

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