Discount Filters’ Naughty Nude Ad Has You Looking Right Where It Wants You To

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Video screenshot via Discount Filters

Hey, eyes up here.

For an advertisement about clean filters, this one by Discount Filters is especially dirty. The spot, titled Keep It Clean, is amusing viewers with its cheeky visuals of near-naked people and smutty writing.

The campaign shows a trio of nudists with signs and filters held over their sensitive bits to “keep it clean.”

In one scene, a man dangles a filter over the lower part of his body, explaining that the brand allows custom sizes just in case a customer believes size matters.

The camera later pans over to his seemingly bare bottom-half, only to reveal his bird sculpture—one of an eagle, that is—to indicate that the filters are manufactured in the USA.

A woman also has the text “Free Shipping” and “Free Returns” over her chest, to which the man responds that they’re “two excellent and very big points.”

The third character, a senior man, has the image of low, low… prices in viewers’ heads.

The witty advertisement was created by video production company Clum Creative.

[via Discount Filters]

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