Chris Hemsworth Imagines His Head On Your Shoulders—So You Will Download His App

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Image via Centr

Chris Hemsworth has released a new video promoting his fitness app Centr and it is rather unsettling.

The clip features his head disproportionately plastered onto bodies of men, women, and even a little girl, as they perform different workouts and activities.

“I’ll be honest, I only got this app in the first place because of Chris Hemsworth,” he begins as a woman lifting weights. “He’s not the one doing the workouts but it’s his team. It’s like basically the same thing.”

“I just wanted to be healthier overall. I don’t want to be like Chris because that’s weird. Put us in a cage together I’ll tear his little face-off,” Chris as a father at a barbecue tells the camera.

“Look how strong momma is! She pretends to be a bear sometimes with her friend called Ashley,” a tiny Chris in a dress and unicorn headband said.

“You know, Chris Hemsworth’s actually pretty average. It’s his team that’s awesome,” the commercial concludes.

Posting the clip to his Instagram page, Hemsworth quipped in the caption, “If it’s results you want to see my team is a-head of the game.”

Many of his fans were delighted by the quirky advertisement. “This freaky as hell dude,” one wrote. “You have a massive head bro,” while another enthusiastic fan added, “Your head on the girl byeeeee.”

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[via B&T, cover image via Centr]

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