Chewing Toothpaste Tablets May Be An Eco-Friendlier Way To Clean Your Teeth

Image via By Humankind

Environmentally friendly personal care brand By Humankind has created natural toothpaste tablets in a bid to become more environmentally conscious and to minimize waste.

Toothpaste tubes can result in unnecessary waste so By Humankind has produced an eco-friendlier alternative.

The 100 percent natural tabs are FDA-approved and contain fluoride and microcrystalline cellulose to ensure a healthy clean. To use the product, users are encouraged to chew the tablets and brush their teeth just like they normally do.

The toothpaste pieces come in a glass container with a reusable silicone top, which comes in three different colorways—Charcoal, Green and Sand.

The starter kit, which has 60 tablets, costs US$15 and each refill is priced at US$12 for 60 tablets.

[via HYPEBAE, cover image via By Humankind]

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