Chanel Overcomes COVID Constraints By Letting You Test Lipstick At Home

Image via Apple

Days of swatching a lipstick in real life are sadly gone due to the pandemic, but a new app by Chanel allows you to take a new color for a virtual spin before you decide to splurge on it.

Chanel’s new groundbreaking app allows you to scan any color to show you its nearest lipstick match.

Using AI technology, the Chanel Lipscanner allows you to find a lipstick shade from the brand’s extensive collection by simply scanning shades and photos using your phone. You can then virtually try it on to see whether it suits you before adding it to your cart.

The beauty brand created a recognition engine that lets you scan objects around you—whether a pair of shoes, nail polish, or nature—and it then suggest the closest shade of lipstick that matches it.

Once you scan in your photo, the app will match it to one of its five color families: natural, pink, orange, red, or plum. It will also advise you with a suitable finish—matte, shine, gloss, or metallic.

If you are happy with your match, you can shop the lipstick via the Chanel website.

The Chanel Lipscanner is a collaboration between CX Lab and the brand’s Make-Up Creation Studio. It is currently available to download for free on the Apple store.

Makeup artist Nina Park shared her favorite lips color using the CHANEL LIPSCANNER app#welovecoco

— Lara La (@LaraLa15360635) February 24, 2021

[via Vogue, cover image via Apple]

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