CBS Rebrands With New ‘Eye’ Logo That Does More Than Sit And Look Pretty

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Image courtesy of Sibling Rivalry

The CBS eye isn’t just “watching” from the sidelines anymore. The network has just been given a new visual identity that hoists it further into the digital age.

Helmed by renowned production company Sibling Rivalry, the new branding system aims to underscore the channel’s programs in a more cinematic light.

Most evidently, Sibling Rivalry has thoroughly studied the network’s footage and content to bring a more sophisticated feel to its iconic pictomark, which now acts more like a navigator than a static eye.

Just like a camera, the ‘eye’ moves fluidly and laterally—up, down, left, and right—to capture the essence of each show.

Aside from the icon, the characters in the CBS branding have been elongated to spotlight the letters.

The new system has rolled out to all facets of the CBS identity. See how it translates on screen in the visuals below.

Previous logo (above) VS new logo (below).

[Video and images courtesy of Sibling Rivalry]

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