Burger King VS McDonald’s: Which Packaging Design Wins The Hearts Of Consumers?

Left image via Business Wire, right image via Pearlfisher

Burger King and McDonald’s have revamped their packaging his year, but which fast-food company do people think has a better visual update?

Burger King took inspiration from its archives and revived its logo from 1969 for its new look, while McDonald’s adopted a fresh and bright design.

According to a survey carried out by Ad Age-Harris, 54 percent of 1,059 adults ages 18 and older from the US preferred Burger King’s new packaging look, while 46 percent chose McDonald’s overhaul.

56 percent agreed that Burger King’s refreshed look made its food more appetizing while 44 percent who chose McDonald’s felt the same way towards the new design too.

In the end, the rebrands seem to have helped both fast-food chains, as 40 percent of the respondents said they are most likely to eat at both chains thanks to the new look.

When asked what they love about Burger King’s new visual identity, 16 consumers mentioned that the design is “nostalgic” and looks “retro.” Six people also mentioned that McDonald’s designs give off a “retro” feel, while five consumers said it gives off a “nostalgic” vibe.

Other comments that Ad Age received with regards to the new logos are that Burger King’s new symbol is “extremely appealing and perfect” while McDonald’s is “filling and refreshing.” Another respondent thought Burger King’s look is “trendy like Shake Shack” and the McDonald’s revamped look reminded her of a kid’s playbook.

“Fast food companies like McDonald’s and Burger King understand that the look and feel of a product, down to the packaging, shape how consumers think about their brand and influence what their customers choose to buy,” CEO of The Harris Poll, Will Johnson, said.

[via Ad Age, cover image via Business Wire, Pearlfisher] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/413236/Burger-King-VS-McDonald-s-Which-Packaging-Design-Wins-The-Hearts-Of-Consumers/

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