‘Bobacino’ Is A Fully Automated Robot Who Can Make You Delicious Bubble Tea

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Image via Bobacino

Bubble or boba tea has come a long way since its start in Taiwan at a tea shop in 1986. Now, the beloved beverage can be made from scratch by a fully automated robotic arm by Bobacino.

As the coronavirus pandemic calls for minimized physical contact, Bobacina has introduced an AI-powered boba tea maker that can make drinks designed to customers’ preferences.

Through AI and sensor technology, the robotic arm can craft customizable beverages with multiple flavor options and organic ingredients.

Once the machine gets the instructions for the drink, it will move between stations to pour in the selected amount of ice, milk, tapioca pearls, tea, and syrup needed for the drink.

The tea comes in a specialized cup that is sealed and then shaken for consistency. The robotic arm will then give the boba tea to an employee, or directly to the customer.

View the robot at work below.

Video via Bobacino

[via Mashable, cover image via Bobacino] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/412410/Bobacino-Is-A-Fully-Automated-Robot-Who-Can-Make-You-Delicious-Bubble-Tea/

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