Banksy’s Valentine’s Day Mural Gets Defaced With Crude Bright Pink Message

Banksy’s latest work has been defaced just 48 hours after it appeared.

The mural was painted at the side of a rented house in Bristol, England last Thursday, ahead of Valentine’s Day. The art showed a young girl with a slingshot and a splatter of red flowers in the air.

The family that owns the home took the initiative to cover it so that nobody could vandalize the artwork.

Unfortunately, someone covered the work with an offensive phrase in pink letters. The BBC reported that a plastic panel protecting the mural was torn down, allowing vandals to spray over the mural with a phrase reading, “BCC W*nkers.”

The acronym “BCC” is believed to be in reference to the Bristol City Council.

The family who owns the property where the artwork was sprayed on told the BBC that they were “devastated” with the incident. The flowers, which were part of the artwork, had also gone missing, said Kelly Woodruff, one of the family members.

Woodruff added that it was “saddening” how the culprits had “taken the joy away from everyone.” She wanted the artwork to be “available for everyone for years to come.”

Woodruff also said that her family has installed temporary fencing and closed-circuit television cameras in the aftermath of the vandalism. She elaborated that “all measures are temporary,” and that the family was figuring out the “best way to clean the damage, restore and protect it” so the public can enjoy Banksy’s work in the future.

New #Banksy vandalised. Just what is wrong with people? 😡

— Claire Rendall (@clairerendall1) February 15, 2020

[via CBS News, opening image via Banksy]

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