Banksy ‘Confirms’ Cheeky New Mural After Another Artist Claims To Have Done It

Image via Banksy

Banksy continues to work tirelessly—no pun intended—during the COVID-19 pandemic, having painted the inside of a train and his own bathroom to remind others to stay inside or practice coronavirus safety guidelines when they’re in public.

Fans lit up again when a humorous piece reminiscent of his art style popped up in Nottingham. This version, found at 168 Ilkeston Rd, appeared much more lighthearted than his usual heavy statements regarding politics and capitalism.

This time around, the work seemed to simply poke fun at a broken bicycle with a missing tire. The girl in the mural was seen “interacting” with the real world by hula-hooping with the bike’s missing tire.

As revealed in a Street Art News feature, the painting appeared on Tuesday, 13 October, but Banksy had not claimed responsibility for the tongue-in-cheek work yet. Nottinghamshire Live later ran a report citing that a Birmingham-based street artist by the name of ‘Itchers’ had written in to take credit of the mural.

Itchers told the publication he had spotted the “sad old bike” and wanted to “cheer it up,” given the gloomy state everyone is in. He even shared a photo of the stencil he allegedly used to create the mural.

However, on Saturday, Banksy took to Instagram to share images of the same stencil work. He usually posts photos or videos of art on the platform as validation that the work is his.

The elusive street artist left no context in his post, and the photos were uploaded without a description nor explicit admittance that he was behind the artwork.

Sadly, locals have reported that the mural was gone within a day of it being put up, sharing that someone else had since vandalized the piece by spraying paint over it.

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