‘Avengers’s Elizabeth Olsen Relates Her ‘Terrible’ Audition As ‘GoT’s ‘Daenerys’

Images via Denis Makarenko / Shutterstock.com and Game of Thrones

‘Scarlet Witch’ could have been the ‘Queen of Dragons’, if not for an audition that might have gone awry.

With both Avengers and Game of Thrones franchises at their completion, Endgame’s Elizabeth Olsen has one intriguing tidbit for fans in the two camps.

Telling Vulture in an interview, the actress revealed that she auditioned for the role of ‘Khaleesi’ about a decade ago. In fact, she “just auditioned for everything” because she enjoyed it.

As for why the part went to Emilia Clarke in the end, Olsen believes it’s because her performance “was terrible.” She was asked to act out a monologue from the end of season one, where ‘Daenerys’ was declaring to thousands of people that she was their queen.

The producers had not decided if they wanted a British accent for the role, “so, you did it in both.”

Olsen called her Game of Thrones audition the “most awkward” one she’s ever had, and would be the memory that comes to mind whenever people mention audition nightmares.

On hindsight, it’s difficult to imagine the portrayer of ‘Dany’ to be anyone other than Clarke, who has purportedly raked in a net worth of US$13 million since her appearance on Game of Thrones.

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