Apple’s Surreal Ads Cinematically Illustrate Watch 6 As ‘The Future Of Health’

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Image via Apple

Apple has released three new advertisements for its Apple Watch 6. With the theme of The Future of Health is on Your Wrist, the clips show how the Apple Watch 6’s features can apply for better sleep, health monitoring, and workout tracking.

The Workout app advertisement follows a swimmer through an epic regime that shows her doing laps in the pool to swimming among fishes and ships in open water.

In the Sleep commercial, Apple explains how the watch can help the user to establish a bedtime routine by muting notifications and automatically play soothing music on the iPhone. The Apple Watch monitors heart rate and checks blood oxygen levels to track sleep quality.

In the third video, a gentleman demonstrates how he is able to take his ECG anywhere, from the movie theater to playing chess, thanks to the watch.

Apple’s advertisements, directed by Ian Pons Jewell of Reset Content, are a perfect combination of vivid imaginations and practical examples of how the device can be beneficial for the user’s health.

[via Fast Company, cover image via Apple]

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