‘Apple Car’ Gets Visualized—Realistically—By Industrial Design Expert

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Image via Andras Vas / Unsplash

You’ve seen some amazing concepts of the enigmatic ‘Apple Car’, rumored to only be able to hit the road in 2025 or after.

These renders, however, tend to be wildly imaginative. They might be envisioned with Apple’s flair for innovation in mind, but rarely do they embody the company’s design ethos and values. After all, it will still be a long wait before fans can even grasp what Apple will bring to its supposed self-driving electric car, so where’s the harm in going all Sci-Fi?

Veteran industrial designer Michael DiTullo, on the other hand, has gone down a more practical route for his predictions about how the autonomous vehicle could turn out, and has shared his thought process as well as his illustrations for the car in a video.

DiTullo notes, for example, that given how Apple has positioned itself as a premium tech brand, the car should be a luxurious type—like a high-end SUV à la Tesla’s Model X, or a premium executive sedan.

One obvious approach that Apple will almost certainly go with is a minimalist design. The company’s belief in sophisticated simplicity can be seen in its end-to-end iPhone displays and Magic Mouse, whose upper body is an all-encompassing button.

The designer then sketches his vision for the ‘Apple Car’ based on his analysis, which sees a minimalist premium executive sedan that’s designed with as few materials as possible.

However, he also expresses some skepticism about Apple building a full car, since the automotive business is expectedly out of its range, no pun intended. Some insiders also believe there’s a chance Apple will abandon its plans and focus on a car interface instead.

What has been confirmed is that the Cupertino tech Goliath has been in discussion with Hyundai about making Apple cars a reality.

[via Core77, cover image via Andras Vas / Unsplash] http://www.designtaxi.com/news/412883/Apple-Car-Gets-Visualized-Realistically-By-Industrial-Design-Expert/

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