Adobe Adds Roblox Tools To Build Metaverse That Not Only Looks But Feels Real

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Having laid out the foundation for countless creative projects, Adobe is now taking those bricks to 3D. In its initial steps for the forthcoming metaverse, the company co-founded efforts to establish standards for this unfamiliar sphere, as well as made its entire Adobe Substance 3D suite free for teachers and students so future generations will have the tools to grow this open-source world too.


Now, Adobe has teamed up with Roblox to bring 3D world-building capabilities to Creative Cloud subscribers. With native support, users can now access Roblox Materials and Surface Appearance assets as templates and export presets on Adobe Substance 3D Designer and Substance 3D Painter.


Image via Roblox


This might look like a word salad to anyone unfamiliar with Roblox, but what this means is that the platform’s sophisticated, high-fidelity textures will now be easily available to subscribers of Adobe’s 3D creation tools.

Roblox’s textures don’t just resemble real-world materials in appearance—they also mimic real-life physics.


Take, for example, the rubber material on car tires. On Roblox, it automatically behaves like rubber in the real world, skidding on wet asphalt or wedging itself in mud.


Image via Roblox


In an announcement in July, Roblox said 3D objects finished in “brick, glass, metal, and many other common materials” now “look and feel even more realistic than before” by default.

“This level of interactivity is essential to making experiences on Roblox feel like living, breathing worlds,” the metaverse platform added.

Adobe now tells DesignTAXI that Roblox integration will allow anyone who is new to concepts of the metaverse “build their first experience with lifelike precision and ease.”

Moving forward, interaction with materials might become even more dynamic. Adobe says a “wooden” object could, for instance, catch fire when in the presence of a flame. “Or developers could connect their Substance-made materials with acoustic simulation tools to determine things such as how much a wall should occlude a sound.”


Image via Roblox


For a glimpse of one of these hyperrealistic scapes, check out this custom build by Roblox developer @GunsBullets.


Ohhhh you have no idea how much fun I’m having with MaterialVariants 🤤 #Roblox #RobloxDev

— Alice 🌸 (@WnderlandReject) July 20, 2022




[via Adobe Creative Cloud, images via various sources]

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